Taste the sunshine: A non-alcoholic cocktail recipe

To lift spirits (pun intended) this January we thought we would share a non-alcoholic cocktail recipe from our team here at Richmond Hill that you could try at home. Alternatively pop by anytime and we would love to make one for you. 

With a fresh, fruity flavour and a welcome injection of strawberries, it is the perfect treat for a dark winters evening. 

Strawberry fields recipe



Strawberry extract - 20ml 
Fresh squeezed lime - 13ml 
Peach essence - 5 drops 
Apple juice - 100ml 
Soda - to top 


  1. Chill a glass in the freezer or put some ice cubes in the glass whilst you make the cocktail 
  2. Mix all of the ingredients (excluding the soda) 
  3. Pour into the glass (with the ice cubes removed) 
  4. Top with the soda 
  5. ENJOY

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